No-History Browsing: SOftware, browser addons, extensions and plugins

Software, addons and more...

Productivity tools for history, cache, cookie management and browser privacy.

Cookie Tools

  1. Cookie Monster: Block all cookies with this add-on, view cookies for every site you visit and automatically see cookie permissions from different sites from a popup menu.
  2. Cookie Button 0.9: Install this button to get easier access to cookie permissions.
  3. CookieCuller: This app gives you the option to keep or delete cookies as you choose.
  4. CookieSafe 3.0.3: This popular app is downloaded to your status bar and lets you manage cookies by viewing cookies, deleting them, temporarily allowing them for different sites, and more.

History and Cache tools :

Addons to your browser which will manage your history, cookies and cache for you, such as the Firefox Anonymization toolbar - which is a does-it-all solution for browsing privacy.

  1. Anonymization Toolbar: Clear your online cache and history with this add on, which also lets you surf the Web with Firefox anonymously.
  2. Attention Recorder: This open source add-on lets users control their Web history and other "attention data" that can be stolen by hackers.
  3. Browse at Work: Visit personal profiles and other sites that may be considered taboo at the office with this add-on, which keeps your identity a secret.
  4. Clear Private Data: This addon builds upon Firefox's "Clear Private Data" feature as shown above, making it more effective and easier to access.
  5. Temporary Inbox: Set up a temporary e-mail address and inbox with this app, which can help you avoid spam, viruses and someone tracking you to risque sites.
  6. SafeHistory: Keep hackers from finding out your online history with SafeHistory.
  7. SafeCache: SafeCache is a similar app that checks cookie settings and "segments the cache on the basis of the originating document, defending against web privacy attacks."
  8. hideBad 2.0: This tool is great for surfing the Web at work and for general security purposes. hideBad "quickly closes tabs that you do not want others to see" and clears your online history.
  9. PhProxy - InBasic 3.0.3B: Only your server’s IP address will show up when you visit sites, not yours.
  10. Ghostfox: This app doesn’t work with MacOSX, but it can be handy tool for Windows users who want to keep their Firefox browser invisible from passers by.
  11. KeyScrambler Personal: Here’s a great tool that encrypts your keystrokes so that passwords and other private information can’t be tracked.

There are more commercial products for secure browsing or snooping on the histories of others. Check back soon as we are updating this page.