No-History Browsing: Check your browser History

How can I check Someone else's history?

Now this is getting interesting!

1.) Visit

Then do some basic quick scans of the most likely checks. This can be done in seconds without long-term undisturbed access to the subject's computer.

2.) CTRL H

Clicking "Control H" in most browsers immediately opens the browsing history panel where you can see all of the sites recently visited. You can click through the history and sort it alphabetically, by order visited or by frequency visited.


This simple little key combination has gotten more people into trouble...

If there are a lot of items in the history, it might be difficult to decipher what is what. This could take some time. You can sort the history by date, alphabetical order, frequency of visits - this can give you a good idea of someone's browsing habits.

3.) Check the Cookies folder

Sometimes, people are careful about covering their tracks with their history... it's so easy to do and so accessible. This is not necessarily so with cookies. More people get discovered browsing unsavory sites via cookies rather than through their history.

4.) Check the Cache (Temporary Internet Files)

You can set this folder to display images so that you can see what they all are at a glance. If you are looking for visits to dating or pornography sites, those images will practically jump right out at you.

5.) Check the address bar

Do this by going through various letters of the alphabet and then scrolling through the drop-down choices. This will also show you what sites were visited.

6.) You can try to install a keylogger

This should only be done on a computer that you personally own and have the right to do this - and depends widely upon your jurisdiction. There are some keyloggers and screen viewers that you can get for free such as "Family Keylogger" and the administration tool "VNC".

Once you have gone this far, you must ask yourself if it is worth all this effort and of course, bear in mind the legality. Some applications such as SpectorSoft spyware can get you into trouble in certain locations if you get caught installing it on someone else's computer.