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All the resources you need to instantly and easily check your Internet browsing history. Scan your history, clear your history and your address bar. While you are here, learn how to:

  • Check your computer for visited sites
  • Check your computer for visited porn sites
  • Check your computer for visited dating sites
  • Learn how to visit sites without them going into your browser history
  • Learn how to reset your cache, history and address bar, clear cookies and more.

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This site does not install any malware nor does it log any entries, names, sites visited, etc. The scripts are simple client-side JavaScript and CSS and nobody can see the results but the person observing the screen.

check historyScan Popular Sites Click here to run a quick test on which popular sites your computer has visited.
check historyScan dating sites This quick scan will tell if your PC has been frequenting any dating sites recently.
check historyScan pornography sites This scan takes the longest, as it parses your browsing history with URLs for over 1000 porn sites. If your PC has visited any, it will show.
check historysocial network history This will check which social networks have been recently visited.
check historynewspaper history COMING SOON! (This will show which news sites are visited.)
check historypolitical sites viewed COMING SOON! (This will show which political sites are visited.)


Personalize the Scan Experience

So if you liked that little test, you will love this one. You can send a link to a friend with his/her name hidden in the URL. When your friend clicks on the link, it runs whichever test you choose, but with their name at the top of the page like you see below (suppose your friend is Joe Smith):

Instead of saying "Popular Sites You Have Visited", you can make it say:

Joe Smith has visited the following sites:

Check History Screenshot

Try it!

Enter your name or a friend's name into the field below to see how it works! You can enter a first name or first and last name and it will automatically generate a custom page... :)

A link to the page that will be generated will appear just below this line of text.

First Name:
Last Name:

Find out how to very simply do this using our generator script. Try our other generators to check any kind of site you choose. We have tools on the generator page that will hide their name in the URL so that they cannot see it. Loads of fun guaranteed!

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The scripts on this page do not log any private information. They do not actually 'see' inside anyone's computer, but simply highlight visited links and hide unvisited links using CSS and JavaScript! No snooping actually takes place, although the effect is uncanny.

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