Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program see inside my computer? does not see inside your computer!

This 'scan' is merely a 'trick' using CSS and just a bit of JavaScript to highlight visited links and not show unvisited ones. As anyone who knows a bit of HTML or CSS knows, there are different color links - depending upon whethere you have visited a page or not. In the early days of HTML, they were all almost standardized - blue for unvisited, and purple for visited. These days, that is all changed - but for this demo, we have simply made the visited links visible and the unvisited ones invisible.

Does this scan put porn or dating links on my computer?


This scan only parses the links so that visited ones will show up. No porn links are clicked, using the check-history script WILL NOT put any of these sites into your history. It is technically impossible using the totally safe scripts we have deployed.

Are cookies and IP addresses used?

The Site does not use cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your computer that help us know which browser you are using and where you have been on the Site and on Web sites to which you may link in order to use some of our features.

Site Analytics are maintained by Google Analytics on Google’s servers.

Is personally-identifiable information disclosed to third parties?

We do not capture nor share any information about you or your computer. This information only appears on the screen of the PC where the link was clicked. It is not collected or stored anywhere ever!

How can I remove certain items from my history?

See our page on clearing your history. You can clear your entire browsing history, or go through it and select certain items. Be sure to also remove any revealing cookies.

If I clear my history, does it remove my cookies too?


Cookies and history are two different things. Many people have tried to hide their browsing history from others, but been caught by leaving behind revealing 'cookies'.

Does this scan check for all browsers at once?

No. Browser history is unique to each browser, so if there are multiple browsers on your computer, you would need to check each of the browsers seperately as they can all have entirely different histories.